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Scheduling Services

Scheduling Service / Client Responsibilities

  • Reservations for current client services will be initiated via the Pet Pocketbook Portal. Phone calls or text requests will be directed to the Portal. If you are unable to login to the Portal and need your password reset you will need to request a new password using the “Help! I forgot my password” link. CPS (Cherish Pet Services) does not have capability of resetting your password.
  • All phone and email inquiries will be responded to within 24-48 hours.
  • Reservations for new clients can be initiated via the form on the Contact page on the web site. Choose the Request a Consultation and complete the required info. Once the form is submitted, it will be sent to the Admin at CPS who will respond within 24-48 hrs to schedule a consultation. Once it is determined at the consultation that both client and CPS are a good fit, CPS will send an invitation to the client to create their profile on the Pet Pocketbook Portal, where by the client can then book reservations as needed.  Please note: Emails may be received in the SPAM folder instead of your Inbox.   
  • Confirmation of reservation – Client will receive a notification of the reservation confirmation via Pet Pocketbook.  If you call us with less than two days notice to request pet sitting visits, we may charge you a per visit fee as a Late Booking Fee in order to rearrange our schedules and accommodate your needs.
  • Extended Stays – CPS will confirm by text or email any client request for an extension of service and will update the booking via the scheduling software within the Portal.
  • Cancellation Non-Holiday – CPS understands that plans may change. Cancellation fees may be charged if client does not give adequate notice of 12 hrs for such cancellations. CPS reserves the right to determine whether cancellation fee is charged.
  • Cancellation Holiday – At Thanksgiving and Christmas, there will be a cancellation charge of one-half of the scheduled visits. This amount shall be due within five days of cancellation notice. Should any portion of the prepaid unused home care visits originally reserved not be used, one half of same will be credited toward future pet sits. There will be no cash refunds issued.
  • Wellness check – Client acknowledges and agrees that it is the clients responsibility to contact CPS upon your return or your sitter will be required to perform a wellness check on your pet. If the wellness check requires an additional visit due to no response from client an additional charge will be added to the total bill, not exceeding the normal charge for a visit.
  • Payment – CPS prefers payment to be made at the time of initial consultation or on the first day the service begins if service is paid via check, cash or electronic means other than Credit card. Credit card payment will incur a 5% processing fee via Pet Pocketbook and payment will be initiated the following Monday of the last completed appointment. For payments made via the portal it is required that cards be current and it is encouraged that the “Enable auto-pay” option be engaged. If paying via personal check, there is a $45 return check fee.
  • CPS’ Client Contract – must be agreed upon via the Portal at the time the profile is created for services to be initiated and reservations to be scheduled.

Note: CPS reserves the right to deny services for pets or clients who are deemed incompatible with our sitters and/or services.